Thursday, 7 July 2011

Did Internet Kill Television??

I have been thinking about this more and more since I started watching a YouTube channel called CTFxC or Internet Killed Television. I really loved this channel but didn't realize the names meaning until now.

First of all I think the Internet Killed TV because, before I got into twitter or Facebook or even Netflix, I watched TV more. Now I find instead of spending that time on watching television programs I spend it tweeting or even checking my email.

Here are some things that have changed
1. Before when I watched TV: I found news out on the News Hour
Now: I find news out on twitter right when it happens

2. Before when I watched TV: I would watch a TV program while talking to a friend on the phone about the show I was watching
Now: I tweet about it and every single friend sees it

3.Before when I watched TV: When I needed weather reports
I watched the Weather Channel
Now: I check my Weather app

And these are just a few ways I think Internet killed television. I'm sure u can find more. If you do leave them in the comments.
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